September 30

THIS WEEK Karma owner of Himalayan Kitchen on lower State St. is a VERY interesting person. You need to listen to his story and try the food. Joey, manager of the new Sprouts Farmers Market has story of what is the new store on Fairview in Goleta. Brian owner of Telegraph Brewery will explain October Fest.Download Here

September 23

THIS WEEK Jerimiah Higgins owner HKL Restaurant Advisors and Jennifer Walsh of Mesa Produce talk with John about local produce. The perils of operating a restaurant and what is happening localy.Download Here

September 16

THIS WEEKBrail Institute Gala. Fish at our front door. Preview of this year’s wine crop. Next weekend is major fund raiser for the Brail Institute. Fabulous food and wine and food from local acclaimed wineries and restaurants, plus desert prepared by students. Jason Diamond of Stardust Sport Fishing describes what is available in our front door in the Santa Barbara Channel. Louie Lucas previews this year’s wine crop.Download Here

September 9

THIS WEEK Billionaires Vinegar.  This fascinating story is a “must listen to” for anyone interested in collectable wine. For good reason. The first time ever we have only one guest on Cork and Fork Radio. Fraud investigator and retired Santa Barbara FBI field office Supervisor, was hired by billionaire William Koch.  Stan Los spent years investigating the scam of ultra-high end collectable wines.Download Here

September 2

THIS WEEK Maritime history of Santa Barbara and perfect place for your event. Fall vegetables arriving. Pick up so tips on grilling. Greg Gorga Executive Director of SB maritime Museum explains rich history of the longest continually established community in Western Hemisphere. Also available for private parties. Jenifer, of Mesa Produce still has Summer fruit and vegetables with the fall crops arriving. Jesse with new hot restaurant, Barbarenos, gives recipes for BBQ.Download Here