May 29, 2015

OH BORDEAUX           

What are they and where are they grown. Learn about the Bordeaux region of France and how it compares to Santa Barbara County. Find out what varieties make up this collection and why they are so popular. Download Here

May 22, 2015


Honoring our the men and woman who serve our country this Memorial Day weekend with Brian Parks owner of Georgia’s Smokehouse food truck, Jennifer Walsh owner of Mesa Produce and Steve Meyer join Host John Henigin share tips and recipes for this weekend’s celebration foods with outdoor cooking using cast iron, ingredients for BBQ sauces, grilling vegetables, tri-tip and more. Download Here

May 15, 2015


Santa Barbara County is lucky to have so many local farms producing a wide variety of products. Host John Henigin with co-host Jennifer Walsh owner of Mesa Produce along with Angela Bevan Director of Marketing and Information for Fairview Gardens and Ed Seaman owner of Wildland Farming and U Pick Farm talk about what’s in season and how important our support is to All our local farmers    Download Here

May 8, 2015


Everyone likes a good deal. Listen to host John Henigin with co-hosts Jennifer Higgins Manager of TY Lounge in The Biltmore, Jeremiah Higgins, Partner of HJL Group, Dorian Scarlett Manager of Enterprise Fish Company and Adam White Owner of The Fish House, Boat House and Casa Blanca give the inside scoop to “Happy Hour” in Santa Barbara

Download Here

May 01, 2015


Healthy water is critical to our health. Host John Henigin with co-host Harm Meijer owner of Seymore Water Conditioning discuss the importance of water use in beverages, cooking and house cleaning. Who knew there’s drinking water from a volcano? Well Ryan Emmons owner of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water tells us the unique process plus John Goerke owner of Caribbean Coffee and Tim Rooney Brewmaster of Rooney’s Irish Pub share their secrets of how they use good water.

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