Radio Show June 7, 2024

By Cork & Fork Radio
Posted on Jun 08, 2024 @ 12:14 AM in Radio Shows
June 7
Drew Wakefield broadcasts LIVE from The Terrace Foundation.

We welcome John Jeffries, Chairman/Founder/Visionary of The Terrace Foundation. The non-profit grows 90% more food using 90% less space and 90% less water.

Up next it's Amanda Catlett, Director of Agriculture for The Terrace Foundation. Amanda tells us about The Terrace  Foundation Urban Farm programs and growing techniques.

Then it's Henry Rosas, Associate Executive Director/ Director of Marketing for The Terrace Foundation. Learn  more about The Terrace Foundation at

Drew brings back John Jeffries to tell us more about how The Terrace Foundation works to eliminate food insecurity in our community.

John Palminteri joins Drew Wakefield to help wrap up the show. They talk about exciting upcoming events.

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